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wheel of the year mandala by morgandria wheel of the year mandala by morgandria
I forgot to post this after Yule; I painted this as my contribution to our Yule pillage this year.

The Wheel of the Year is not ancient. Itís about the same age as Wicca - not coincidentally because it was created as a ritual calendar for Wicca.

The 8 Sabbats are a combination of festivals and holidays from several different cultures, as are relevant to Britain. It tracks the cycles of fertility, and the agricultural year, of Britain.

Other forms of neo-paganism certainly use it, but because theyíre not Wicca it will have a different context to them. A lot of times the fertility/agricultural focus is replaced with a nature worship/seasonal focus. Itís really not the same. And sometimes people really stretch to make it work, and it justÖdoesnít.

You may find the Wheel of the Year to be a poor fit for your religious practices if:

- You are not a member of the Wica.

- If your weather and seasonal patterns differ dramatically from Britainís.

- Your deities/pantheon/path draws largely from a culture that isnít British.

- Your religion is not fertility-focused, or based on agricultural cycles.

- Your faith does not draw heavily on male-female polarity.

Obviously, if youíre not Wiccan, it doesnít make a lot of sense to be trying to maintain a ritual calendar based on Wicca. If this is the case, look at the festivals historically celebrated by the cultures youíre drawing from. Look at the holy days for your gods. Itís a little bit more work to do, but if it winds up being more appropriate to your practice, itís worth in the long run.

And stick your head out the door for what the seasons are doing!

Watercolor, metallic acrylics, and ink.
Tammielicious Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2009
I love it, especcially the 8 litlte drawings in the midlle. they are made with so much attention. it looks realy stunning!
Luusan Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2009
This is very well done. I like the way the opposites reflect each other. The symbolism is beautiful and effective. Love all the colors.

I'm glad you're posting your paintings again.
ESG Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I love the salting effect - makes the colors look organic almost, like they were growing.
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